Wednesday, February 27, 2013


     Why is it that some people feel as though the world owes them?  They don't think they should work. They don't think they should pay their bills. They think that everything should be handed to them.
     I saw an event last week on fb trying to save some guy from jail. Turns out he hasn't bothered to pay his child support at all.  I don't know the situation, but I have no desire to support some guy that thinks its ok not to take care of his child. I don't care how much you hate your ex, if you have a child then you need to take care of your responsibilities.
     I see people complaining about people on unemployment and food stamps. Some people actually need the help to get by. The problems come in when people think that they are owed a new flat screen, an iPad and unlimited cell service as well. I have no problem helping people when times are tough, but if you are getting help, then be grateful and try to help yourself.  You can't tell me that you can't afford food when you are paying $100/month for a cell phone and another $100 for cable tv and internet. 
     I'm feeling over stressed lately. I started writing to try to make people laugh and I can see my stress coming out by the thoughts that get written.  Hopefully when the dust settles and I'm through all the changes coming then the funny will come back...
Happy Hump Day!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Bah Humbug... well, not entirely

     So I told people this week that I don't believe in Valentine's Day.  The horror that crossed their faces was priceless.  I have nothing against a good dinner, flowers, candy or jewelry.  I just don't think that anyone should feel forced to do that in the name of love because it's Feb 14.  If J goes to the grocery store one night and comes home with some $10 flowers that means 100 times more to me than if he dropped $100 on roses because I'll get mad if he doesn't.  I think that it is very important to show your person that you love them, but every day, not just Feb 14.  Gestures don't have to be grand.  J shows me that he loves me by taking the girls to school so I can get to sleep earlier or by having my  fake coffee ready when I get up.  I am supposed to stay off the caffeine and so he has to make mine special.
     It's funny though to try to not show the girls that I am a "scrooge" about Valentine's when it is still so fun to them.  They love the cards and the candy and picking out which ones they are going to give to which kid in their classes.  I have a few years left before I have to explain my views on it to them.  Hopefully before some boy breaks a heart because he didn't get her something.
     The funny thing is though, this was probably the best Valentine's day I have had in a while.  J picked the girls up from school and let me sleep till 4pm (I didn't get home until 9:30 that morning).  He cooked me breakfast/dinner when I got up.  He fed the girls.  He sent me a sweet E-card and we hung out and together and listened to music.  I actually sent him a card that I made on my cool little Ink app, but I sent it to his folk's house because I though he was going to be there.  So hopefully his mom enjoys the card.  It is a pic of us from the VT football game, so maybe....
     Love is important to me.  I try to show my friends, family and J just how much they mean to me every chance I get.  I want to feel loved, but I don't want any one's feelings hurt because someone said that if you don't get A, B & C on Feb 14 then you aren't loved.  My friend's are the awesomest people I know.  That's why they are my friends.  That and because they'll put up with me...  Happy Feb 17th all.  If  you are reading this, you are awesome.

Monday, February 11, 2013

A day in the life...

     I always wonder if the amount of things I do in a day are normal, or if I really am crazy to continue to try to keep going at the rate I'm going...

7:15am- get off work,
7:20-8am- ride home with a co-worker because the *#&%#*& van is over heating (I just fixed the van a month ago or I wouldn't be calling it names), take the dog out, feed him, wake J up and find out if he is taking the van in, find something to eat, attempt to go to sleep.
8am- start watching Modern Family on Hulu cause I'm not even the slightest bit tired.  Bad idea, I LOVE Modern Family.  Prolly the only show I am always caught up on.  Anything that makes me laugh out loud stays at the top of my list.  Like Kate's awesome blog (  No matter how many times J says I'm stalking her, I'm gonna keep reading cause she always makes me laugh.
8:25- grab a beer and start watching less entertaining show, cause I'm still wide awake.
9:15- Think I dozed off cause J's text seems to wake me up.  Van is not good.  Will not be done today. 
9:18- Start calling the ex to see if he can get the girls.  Nothing is ever a quick conversation with him.
11:40- Text received- "I'm 99.9% sure they are going to offer you the job.  Get your resignation letter ready!! And your backup babysitters."  Couldn't turn the ringer off cause of the girls and the van.  I've been waiting on pins and needles to hear about the interview I went to on Friday and now I'm SUPER excited and can't sleep. 
11:55- Give up on the bed and go tell J the news.  Realist that he is, talks me back down and says that it's not 100% and that I shouldn't let my hopes get too high.  Sounds meaner than it is, but he knows that I REALLY want this and that I'd be crushed if I don't get it.
12:10 Back to bed.  Please, please, please let me sleep....
12:20- Call from mechanic.  Van will be ready.  Text the ex to see what the plan is.
12:30- Text again.  Gotta love being ignored.
1240- Text again.  Yes, I am going to keep it up...
12:45- Call because obviously he isn't going to respond.  Change plans again.  Gotta pick the bugs up from school.  Call school.  Try again to sleep.
1:30- So much for sleep today.  Off to get my van and my girls. 
2:40- Too early for school pick up, so pit stop at Publix it is.  At least I can hit the store without all the girls.
3:30- Call from Nursing Recruiter with a job offer!!!!!!!!!!!  Only bad thing is trying to ask all my questions in a car full of kids plus J.  Maybe he remembers the conversation...
3:45- Finally home.  Finishing the phone call and trying to get the dog walked again.  And it's time to clean out the van because J and I decided that we should get rid of one of the seats in the van and I think I found Jim Henson's inspiration for the TrashHeap.  The amount of stuff under this seat was seriously scary.  Good news- the girls get to clean it.  Bad news- the need LOTS of supervision to accomplish any cleaning task.  But at least I'm not actually cleaning that mess up.
4:30- Off to the pool with the kiddos.  OK, I'm stretching the truth a little here.  J took them so I could get showered for work in peace.
5:00- Everyone home and I'm dressed for work.  Now it's time for homework!  Yippee.  I hope you can detect the sarcasm.  At least Sky doesn't usually need help.
5:30- still working on homework, trying to pack my work lunch and work bag, trying to find something to eat before work cause I don't remember actually eating anything up until this point.
6:00 2/3 done with their homework and now it's time to get the laundry put away.  (Yes, I'm adding to the giant pile of needs to be folded/hung up pile that I have been growing for 2 weeks.  I swear I'll put them away tomorrow.)
6:15- Finally out the door to work.  Maybe the day will calm down once I'm at the hospital... Maybe...  OK, please?????

     Sorry for the not so exciting post, but does anyone else have days like this 95% of the time?  No wonder I am asleep on the couch at 9pm on my days off. 
     And if you just started skimming (and I really don't blame you if you did) and missed it,  I GOT THE JOB!!!!!!  I definitely want the job.  Now comes all the fear and self doubt.  Am I doing the right thing by switching?  Will this help my situation?  Will I be upset that I no longer have 4 days off a week?  I know I won't miss working all night.  My body is constantly tired.  Gotta give notice to my boss and tell my coworkers tomorrow... scary.