Friday, January 18, 2013

The cause of and solution to all life's problems... Homer Simpson

     What is it about alcohol?  Why does it get such control over some people?  Some people give up everything important to them because of the siren call of alcohol.  And for most people that I have been around that have a problem with alcohol, they don't see it at all.  Are they in denial or do they really not see that their relationship with alcohol is causing these problems?  I've only met 1 person that's willing to say "yeah, I drink too much. So what? I like it".  Granted,  it still cost him his marriage and his kids, but he was willing to say that it's his choice.
     I have a love-hate relationship with alcohol. I love to have a drink with my friends after work to decompress. I love to share a good bottle of wine and a good meal with the guy I love.  I hate what alcohol does to some people I care about.  At least 1 of my mom's marriages, and I suspect 2, fell apart because of alcohol. 
      Is alcohol really that addictive to some people?  I know WAY too much about what alcohol does to the body. I don't even let myself go 3 days in a row with 1 drink. I know that alcohol changes the pathways in the brain, but is it that hard to get back to yourself?  Can you heal from alcohol addiction without saying "I'm an alcoholic"? Does alcohol really make someone feel good enough to make them give up everyone they love? 
     I've got lots of questions and no answers today.  That just seems to be my life lately, all questions.  I need to make some changes, and I'm not sure which ones to make.   I guess I'll get my answers eventually...  happy Friday!

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