Wednesday, February 27, 2013


     Why is it that some people feel as though the world owes them?  They don't think they should work. They don't think they should pay their bills. They think that everything should be handed to them.
     I saw an event last week on fb trying to save some guy from jail. Turns out he hasn't bothered to pay his child support at all.  I don't know the situation, but I have no desire to support some guy that thinks its ok not to take care of his child. I don't care how much you hate your ex, if you have a child then you need to take care of your responsibilities.
     I see people complaining about people on unemployment and food stamps. Some people actually need the help to get by. The problems come in when people think that they are owed a new flat screen, an iPad and unlimited cell service as well. I have no problem helping people when times are tough, but if you are getting help, then be grateful and try to help yourself.  You can't tell me that you can't afford food when you are paying $100/month for a cell phone and another $100 for cable tv and internet. 
     I'm feeling over stressed lately. I started writing to try to make people laugh and I can see my stress coming out by the thoughts that get written.  Hopefully when the dust settles and I'm through all the changes coming then the funny will come back...
Happy Hump Day!

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