Monday, January 21, 2013

I refuse to ever teach her AGAIN....

     I think that I must be one of the world's worst students.  I tend to be a smartass and too smart for my own good some days.  I don't have time for people with control issues (I have enough of my own, thank you) and I also don't tolerate ignorance.  Try to instruct me when I know you are wrong and I WILL correct you, but unfortunately my filter doesn't always work and I am not always good at sparing feelings.  I've also got a very good memory and study WAY less than any teacher would ever recommend.
     In the last 2 weeks, I have had to deal with BLS and ACLS re-certifications.  BLS is just standard CPR information that is actually more appropriate for non-medical people and ACLS is the big one that we use in the hospital to guide what we do when and what meds we give during medical emergencies.  I have been BLS certified since I was 16 and could teach the class in my sleep.  The day I took it, I worked all night and had been up for at least 24 hours.  The instructor has control issues.  (Don't get me wrong, I like her and she's dating a friend of mine, so she can't be all bad.)  She refused to teach if everyone wasn't in the room, she made us all wait for everyone to finish their tests before we could leave...  I was well behaved though.  I never said anything (OK, I did roll my eyes and leave my test on the table cause I was annoyed, my mouth filter may have worked, but I'm always gonna be a little bit of a brat) and of course I got 100%.  Seriously, easiest test ever.
     ACLS required me to waste a good portion of my Saturday.  I had to set an alarm, so NOT cool.  I protested this by stopping for breakfast and not quite making it to the class on time.  Oops.  Even better, when I walked in, my smartass friend decided to move seats to sit with me.  And it was the same instructor.  I'm sure she muttered some obscenities when she saw me.  I was better behaved this time.  This class is actually pertinent to my career.  I will use this info.  I only made fun of the video like 5 times and only left the room twice.  Really, that's good for me for a 6 hour class.  But she still chose not to take my group for testing... hee hee.
     I am aware of my bratty tendencies and I do try to keep them some what under control.  I am thinking that I am not going to change much though.  I still hold grudges, yes, I AM working on that.  I still make inappropriate jokes.  I still swear, yes J, I know I'm "better than that".   There might be a chance that someday I'll finish growing up though, but I think I'd rather go live in Never-Never Land...


  1. I think I've absolutely had all of my bratty tendencies squashed. I have no energy for them. Not even for the ones in my head.. when someone is a smart-aleck in class, however, I can't help but giggle.. which probably isn't to my best interest.. hehe

    Thanks for linking up Courtney! :D

  2. I wish I could squash mine in my head. Thanks for having a place to link up. This is very new to me and I'm still nervous about having people read it...