Saturday, January 5, 2013

Please don't lick the dog

     Three little girls sure make life interesting.  Between the fights and drama, the games and just the complete randomness of not only the things that come out of their mouths but the things I hear myself say, it is never a dull day in my house.  The twins are 6 and the oldest is 9.  Most of the time, they act like girls.  They fight over clothes, music, books and looks. They hate each other or everyone hates them.  And then there is the things that I never expected: S begging me to take her to church with me, K and A asking for their own bibles and all 3 of them wanting to run 5k's with me.
     No one ever told me that I'd have to referee the most ridiculous fights known to man.  "She made her stuffed animal look at your stuffed animal funny?"  Seriously???  What am I supposed to say to that?  I still wonder if making fun of their crazy temper tantrums is setting them up for a lifetime of therapy or not, but if you could just see them throw their arms up, stomp to the couch and fling themselves on it with a big huff you'd be laughing too.
     Therapy or not, I am still proud that I have at least initiated a decent appreciation for good music.  They still fall under the peer pressure of bad pop music, but they don't like Justin Beiber or One Direction and they know the words to Beatles songs.  I can handle some Taylor Swift and LMFAO as long as I can break it up with some Clapton and Jack Johnson.
     I had heard before I became a mom that I'd say things that I never thought I would, but everyday it amazes me the words that come out of my mouth.  Quote of the day "just because we can't see you doesn't mean that we can't see you".  Other ones just today include: "don't hit your sister in the head with your flipflop," "please don't lick the dog," and "can you please take my underwear off your head?"  I think that I might have to start a journal just of the things I say.  Got any funny quotes of your own to share?


  1. Too funny, Courtney! Your girls are adorable! Following! :-)