Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Are you up for a challenge?

     Look, I get it, life is stressful. I'm a mom. That's constant stress.  I'm a nurse in a unit that only has critical patients. That's stressful. But I really think that there out to be more fun in a day.  I'd give up an hour of sleep if I could trade that for nothing but fun.
     So, what's fun for me???
  • Anything with my friends or J.  I love being around people.  I may be incredibly shy (no, really) but once I know you, you will see my crazy side.
  • Taking the boy (aka the dog, moose) to play.  Jacksonville has a wonderful doggie country club type dog park.
  • Going to the beach.  Doesn't matter the weather or if I'm alone or with people.  The ocean calms me, always.
  • Theme Parks with the girls.  Yes, I am insane, but watching the girls faces light up at the parks is amazing.  Tell me that face doesn't make you smile even a little...
  • A good meal with people I love.  I love to find new restaurants and to have a night out.  I love to try new recipes too.
  • Dancing to music I like, out with people or even alone in the living room.  Playing on the wii or just random nonsense in the kitchen.
  • Live music.  I once got to see BB King live.  Was amazing.
  • Bathtub, glass of wine, good book.
  • Couch, movie, head on J's chest.
     There are 100's more, but those are the biggest.  I spend way too much time in my head worrying about all the what-if's.  I need to find a way to stop that and spend time having fun.  Honestly, is it a big deal if the girls' room ALWAYS looks like a hurricane hit it?  Does worrying about anything actually change it or does it just waste time?  Is there a way to break the bad habits and make time for more fun???
   My challenge to myself is to try to let all those minor things go and make fun a priority.  Show the girls more of what's important in life.  I am good at teaching them healthy habits, the importance of manners, why we exercise, and that too much electronic time is bad, BUT maybe I need to teach them that getting rid of stress is a good thing too.  Make time after running club to take the boy to the dog park (not the country club, we only have 4 cheap visits left and I'm not paying $300+ for a dog park membership).  Go have  a picnic on the beach after homework is done.  Wander downtown St Auggie and enjoy the lights.  Find a new recipe every week and have fun cooking together.  Just be silly.
     What should your challenge be?  What helps you de-stress?

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