Monday, November 19, 2012

Tuberculousis has hit my house....

        Either that or my kids still have reactive airways and any kind of sinus drainage or any virus that goes around makes them cough.  But seriously, if you walked into my house right now, you'd prolly run away and bath in Purell.   The joy of attempting to co-parent with an ex means that my many years of medical experience, plus the advice of their doctors means nothing.  I was told that I HAVE to go get another opinion.  Oh, really???  I'm thinking that you don't have that power.  I know what is going on, and I know that the doctors know what is going on. Please go away now.
       This cough though... When they are in bed, you would think that they are going to cough a piece of their lungs right out.  The way I know that they aren't actually feeling bad:  they continue to do the daily runs (we are part of the elementary school running club and are currently training for a 5K, story to follow later), they play and laugh and run around like wild animals, but any time they have to do something the don't like they start coughing.
         My big problem with their coughing is that 99% of the time, they aren't 'sick', they aren't contagious and yet I get 3-5 phone calls a week from the school nurse.  I think she's knowledgeable.  I think that she is just trying to follow protocol.  BUT seriously lady, unless my kid is actually sick and needs to leave school, quit interrupting my sleep.  I work nights.  I sleep while the girls are at school.  If they are sick and need to come home, I have no problem bringing them home.  BUT don't call me cause they are coughing.  Let them have cough drops without a note from the  doctor because it'll cost me $40/kid to see the doctor to get the stupid note and they AREN'T SICK.
        This last week was the worst.  The teacher not only told my child that she got her sick, but sent her to the nurse because she was being a nuisance.  The nurse called me and told me to take her to the doctor.  Hey, guess what lady?  I did that last week and SHE'S NOT SICK.  I was on the way to my yearly check up that takes me 2 months in advance to schedule.  I told them that no, I'm not coming right now.  She only wants to come home because you made her feel bad (as in guilty, not sick).  I'll be there when I get there.  And of course, I get her home and she's fine.  She's running around like a crazy person and playing.
        Don't get me wrong, I understand the need for keeping sick people home, not only to heal, but to not spread the wealth.  But please don't tell me what to do with my own children.  If my child is actually sick, she stays home.  If she's not, she needs to be at school.  I am trying hard to teach my children the importance of going to school and being responsible.  Please don't undermine me.  Maybe I should start sending them out in surgical masks...

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